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The Fashion of Jeeves & Wooster

I’ve been seriously geeking out over Jeeves & Wooster a British television program which aired from 1990 to 1993. You can now purchase the entire 4 seasons on Amazon, and if you’re a fan like I am of classic British TV,  you must have this in your collection. Hugh Laurie stars as Bertie Wooster, and Stephen Fry plays his Valet Jeeves. What I really love about this show is the fashion; that’s right I said fashion. If you’ve ever studied the 1920s, you’ll know that this is when fashion really took off. This show provides us an amazing array of fashion styles.

Jeeves, of course, is always dressed in his black pressed suit and black bowler hat, But, Wooster parades around in many stunning suits. Below are a few pictures of his varies outfits. The pin stripped suit, tweed, and tux.


Concerning the fashion choices for the women on the show, there are some interesting styles. You can see how even Star Wars’ Princess Leia buns were popular in the 20s.  Inspired by the show, I do own a hat that is styled from the 1920s. I also have a TON of cardigans. An Indie Girl should own at least a dozen. If after watching the show you still want more Jeeves & Wooster, then check out the books that the show was based on: Jeeves written by PJ Wodehouse.

Written By: Kristy Trowbridge


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