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My Favorite TV Shows Growing Up

My top ten TV shows growing up in the 80’s in no particular order.

  1. Reading Rainbow:   Helped encourage children to read and LeVar Burton had that great line; “Don’t take my word for it.”
  2. Rainbow Bright: I honestly don’t remember what the cartoon was about all that I can remember is I owned the Rainbow Bright doll and I still wish I had that doll today.
  3. Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers:  Disney had the coolest cartoons during this time and with it’s snappy theme song we were hooked.
  4. Tailspin:  Another Disney cartoon featuring our favorite character from the Jungle Book Baloo.
  5. Fraggle Rock:  Strange muppet creatures that lived underground. It was an awesome show!
  6. Zorro:  His name was Zorro and I had a huge crush on him. Zorro was played by Duncan Regeh and every show he saved his sweetheart Victoria Escalante. So romantic.
  7. GI Joe: A real American hero. I had a TON of GI Joe action figures. My favorite character was Sargent Slaughter.
  8. Care Bears:  They were full of love lived in the clouds and I think there was a rainbow. I still have my Care Bear, Care A Lot.
  9. Slim Good Body:  Creepy white guy with afro who wore a body suit depicting the human organs. Gross yet cool.
  10. Cosby:  I was the same age as Rudy Huxtable on that show I grew up with her. It was a show the whole family could enjoy.

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What were your favorite shows growing up?

Written By:  Kristy Trowbridge


Twitter @supergirlgeek


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