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Indie Girl’s Week

This week I’ve been preparing for my Thanksgiving vacation. I’m headed to Topeka, Kansas on a train! I’ll be posting photos on Tumblr and such but, no new posts until after Thanksgiving.

Purchased this adorable Star Wars bag and Christmas stocking from SparkleGirl. Please check out her Esty store http://www.etsy.com/shop/sparklegirl?ref=em and blog http://www.sparklegirljen.blogspot.com/

I’m still in the process of reading the Hamash Macbeth book series by M. C. Beaton but, I did come across the TV show starring Robert Carlyle. Though it does have some elements of the book in it, there’s rarely any murders and he is without his cat. I prefer the books but, the show is fun to watch and I LOVE the Scottish accents and scenery. You can find the complete series on Amazon.

Though I didn’t fall off the ladder, I did manage to put the lights on our tree outside. If your like me nothing worse then trying to untangle strings of Christmas lights. Where’s Martha Stewart when you need her? Doesn’t she have some clever way to keep them from getting untangled?

Did I mention that the Dr. Who Christmas Special was coming? I heard that it was to air on Christmas Day in America. Something else to look forward to this Holiday Season. http://www.radiotimes.com/news/2012-11-17/doctor-who-christmas-special-2012—first-shot-of-matt-smith-and-jenna-louise-coleman-unveiled


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