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Our Strange Christmas Tradition

With the Holidays comes family traditions and one tradition that I always enjoy is the, “Hide the Elf in the Most Awkward of Places.” This tradition starts on Thanksgiving and ends after Christmas. It’s so much fun, even for adults.

Starting in the 1970s The Elf on the Shelf was a rather scary looking Elf that parents would place on a shelf and tell their children that if they didn’t behave the Elf would tell Santa. Kinda creepy.  Just a few years back the Elf on the Shelf reappeared in stores and I purchased not only an Elf (cuter then the old ones) but a great hardback book to go along with him.

 My household is full of adults and no one saw the purpose of purchasing such an Elf. However, one day I hide the Elf in the freezer and scared the living daylights out of my Mom. I thought that was money well spent. She then hid the Elf in my underwear drawer I in turn hid him in the shower. Basically, we spend the December month trying to hide the Elf in amazing places. It’s fun but, I hope we don’t end up losing him in the process.

I do need your help though. For three years my poor Elf has yet to be named. If you can think of a great name let me know and leave it in the comment section.

Where to find your Elf On The Shelf 


Written By – Kristy Trowbridge

This year I think I came up with the best hiding place!


4 thoughts on “Our Strange Christmas Tradition

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  2. GONZALO: Spanish form of Visigothic Gundisalv, meaning “battle genius; war elf.”

    GONZALO!!!! I personally feel that “war elf” is very fitting. 🙂

  3. I think I might start Cameron on the elf on the shelf tradition this year. I think it’s hilarious that you do it with a house full of adults.

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