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Coffee Break with Jen Giammarco of Sparkle Girl

You might know her as @SparklegirlJen on the Twitters but, did you know Jen Giammarco is also a blogger and owns her own Esty store? A gifted crafter she sells some amazing fun products on her online store Sparkle Girl. Taking time out of her busy schedule Jen answered a few questions and shared some of her favorite photos.

1.  Easy questions first:

Favorite Superhero?


Jen Giammarco the creator of SparkleGirl holding her handmade Spiderman tote.

Batman has been my favorite superhero since I was a child, which is probably why I favor Michael Keaton as Batman. He was my Batman growing up.

Favorite TV Show?Veronica Mars. Kristen Bell was so awesome on that show and she is still one of my favorite actresses.

Favorite place to shop for clothes?

ModCloth has become my favorite online store to buy dresses. I also buy a lot of t-shirts from Teefury and RIPT Apparel which have a new shirt for sale every day.

Favorite Starbucks drink?

I will drink anything from Starbucks. I tend to buy something different every time I go. But while I worked at a Starbucks briefly, I favored the Double Shot Caramel Macchiato and the Vanilla Soy Green Tea Latte.

2. Your blog not only displays your crafts and cooking skills but, your love of the geek world and fashion. What inspires you?


One of Jen’s tables at a local craft fair.

Everything! I try to find inspiration in my everyday life. Everything that I surround myself with inspires me… movies, TV shows, comics, video games, magazines, friends and family.

3.  Crafting, cooking, and drinking coffee; who/what taught you the skills to do these things?

In my family, coffee is a staple in your diet. I grew up with family members coming over for visits and that meant a pot of coffee got put on. Now as adults, my brothers and I have fallen into this same habit. As for crafting and cooking, my Nan definitely encouraged and helped me out with these skills. She taught me how to use a sewing machine and gave me some basic sewing lessons when I first showed interest in learning. And up until a couple of years ago, I spent every holiday season baking with her for Christmas.

4.  What made you want to open up your own online store?

When I started sewing 7 years ago, Etsy had just started. At the time I was just making things for friends and family. But then I started to get requests and orders from co-workers and friends of friends. My best friend had been poking around on Etsy and she introduced me to it. It seemed straight forward enough to sell on there so I gave it a shot. I highly recommend Etsy to anyone who’s looking into selling some of their handmade items online. It’s easy to use and very inexpensive.

5.  What products in your store would people find?


Homemade cupcakes. I can’t look at these without wanting to try one!

Tote bags, zipper pouches, pillowcases, and stockings. I use recycled materials (a lot of vintage geeky sheets) and new fabric that has fun patterns and prints on them.

6.  Most popular item that you’re currently selling?

At the moment, I’ve been selling a lot of stockings and zipper pouches. But overall, pillowcases have been the hot item this past year!

7.  For anyone looking to sell their own crafting products what advice would you give?

To get some general feedback on your product, I’d recommend trying out a local fair or craft show. You get a good feel on your pricing and who your customer is. After that, look into Etsy! It’s a great place to start selling online and the Etsy teams are great for networking, support, and feedback. And just make sure you’re happy doing what you’re doing. It’s not just about the profit, but enjoying what you’re doing.

8.  How do you balance work, blogging, crafting, and tweeting?

Some days I’m not sure. Definitely today’s technology helps – between having a smartphone with me throughout the day for tweeting and reading emails and an iPod Touch that I keep with me at home which is easy for facebook/email replies while sitting on the couch. I try to keep a schedule with work and crafting too. Like I will plan to sew for 1 hour after I get home from work and I do my best to stick with that plan. I use a large monthly planner to help plan out my sewing, Etsy updates, and blog posts. If it’s written down on this calendar, I find it’s easier to follow and stick with it.


How cute! Sleeping babies.

9.  Since I love cats I have to ask you about yours, what are their names and how old?I love that we’re both cat ladies! Both of my cats were adopted from a shelter here in Hamilton. Seymore, my orange tabby, is the oldest. He’s 5 years old. I adopted him when I moved into my first apartment. He’s my baby (a big one at that since he’s almost 15 pounds). I can’t do anything without him being right at my feet or sitting on top of me. I adopted Logan, my little black cat, a couple of years after getting Seymore with my now husband. Logan’s now 3 years old. He’s a runt so he’s about half the size of Seymore. The cats get along perfectly though and I catch them snuggling and cleaning each other all the time. They melt my heart.

10.  What does Indie Girl mean to you and would you consider yourself an Indie Girl?


Follow Jen on the Twitters @SparklegirlJen

Hmm I don’t think there’s a specific description of what an Indie Girl is. I guess I see an Indie Girl as someone who does whatever they want no matter if it’s considered cool or not. They don’t let others and the mainstream guide their decisions or opinions on fashion, music, movies, etc. I think that’s why Zooey Deschanel has always been considered an Indie Girl (I consider her one anyways). She’s never quite fit into the typical Hollywood actress mold. Her career choices in both music and acting have never been because it was popular. She seems like she’s true to herself.As for myself, I don’t really think I identify myself as any particular type of person. I’m just me and I have lots of different sides to my personality. I just want to be happy and to surround myself with people and things that make this world awesome!

To purchase products from Jen’s online store Sparkle Girl click here:  http://www.etsy.com/shop/sparklegirl

To view Jen’s blog click herehttp://sparklegirljen.blogspot.com/

Indie Girl Blogs Christmas Contest!


Want to win this cool ‘Petite Fours Pouch’  from the Sparkle Girl store?! Simply post a comment below this blog or retweet it on the Twitters @supergirlgeek with the hashtag #sparklegirl. One winner will be choosen randomly. The winner will be announced on Indie Girl Blogs Wendesday the 12th. So keep posted to this site!


‘Petite Fours Pouch’ measures 4.5″ x 5

Just cuz her cats were so adorable here are two more photos!

IMG_2030 IMG_3669


3 thoughts on “Coffee Break with Jen Giammarco of Sparkle Girl

  1. Those cats are AMAZING! I am a cat lover though so I’m a bit biased. The spiderman tote is seriously cute too! Will definitely be checking out Jen’s Etsy page. Good interview Kristy. 🙂

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