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The Mindy Project: It’s The Start Of Girl’s Night In.

Untitled Mindy Kaling - Season PilotI think Tuesday nights should official be Girl’s Night In! Not only is New Girl on but, right after that airs a hip and sophisticated comedy called, The Mindy Project. Can I just say I am in love with this show? A great comedy which centers around a 30 something doctor who can not only make you laugh but, a character that you can relate to.

Remember Kelly from The Office? Well, Mindy Kaling returns as Dr. Mindy Lahiri who is far from the character Kelly. Mindy owns her own practice and holds her own in whatever situation, which is good since she also is the only female doctor in the practice which also has two male doctors. One of the reasons I love this show is that I can relate to the character Mindy. Being a single 30 something woman myself many of the situations that Mindy runs into, I have dealt with before too. Nice to finally have a character that you can relate to so, many of the new comedies on TV now have female characters that are way too outlandish so outlandish, they would never fit into the real world.fox_upfronts_2012_mindy_project_week1_needledrop_640x360_17658898

It’s not just that the fictional character is relatable but, I really appreciate the actress Mindy Kaling who not only wrote several of The Office episodes but, also writes her own TV show. You can tell she loves her character and puts some of herself in there as well. I also appreciate the fact that not only is the character smart and funny but, so is Mindy Kaling herself. What a great role model for women of my age. Yes, even middle age women like to have role models too.

MindyProject_101_13If you haven’t given this show a chance I HIGHLY recommend it! The show airs every Tuesday 8PM MDT. Check out the website for more details and back episodes of the show. Also, every Tuesday evening I will be promoting Girl’s Night In on the twitters and tweeting during both New Girl and The Mindy Project. You can follow me @supergirlgeek.

Written By: Kristy Trowbridge

Official Site:  http://www.fox.com/the-mindy-project/


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