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Indie Girl Reads

mindy kalingBeing a fan of the show The Mindy Project and a fan of Mindy Kaling herself, I was thrilled to find out that she had written a book on her life entitled, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns). It is not surprising to find yet another TV star writing a book about themselves. I’m sure even Miley Cyrus has written a book on her life. What made me want to continue reading this book was her sense of humor, her common sense, and the fact that as a person, Mindy would be someone I would want to hang out with in real life.

The book reads more like a blog, which is not a good thing for a book. Many of the chapters are short and with titles such as “The Day I Stopped Eating Cupcakes” and “Franchises I would Like to Reboot.” The content in these short chapters seem a bit disconnected from her chapters on her childhood and college years.  I did enjoy reading these blurps, but they did tend to disrupt the flow of reading.

Also, a few of the chapters seemed unnecessary to me. They neither connected the reader to her life, nor really showed any insight about her. Her chapter on her funeral arrangements and Jewish Guys seemed a bit out of touch to me. It was almost as if she was trying to simply fill up space.

Where you find the real meat to the book is when she discusses her love of her family, her struggles in New York, and her firmly held cn_image.size.mindy-1beliefs. I especially enjoyed reading her views on dating and marriage (which were ten times more helpful than any so called article in Cosmopolitan). Mindy’s views encourage finding a man who will treat a lady with respect and why she still believes in marriage and staying together.

What really kept me enthralled as a reader was her sense of humor. I cracked up when I read about her zit problems, her love of a certain cupcake, and her reasons why dating boys is wrong. I also couldn’t help but smile when she described how her mother made her get her hair cut the same way year after year (which made me think about my childhood haircut which I lovingly call “The Mushroom”). Stories like these helped me to relate to Mindy and want to read on.

Despite some dislikes, I still enjoyed the book. I look forward to her next edition or at least I hope she is planning on another one. I believe the more she writes, the better each book will become. Mindy Kaling is a rising star and I would love to have lunch with her someday just to chit chat.

Written By Kristy Trowbridge


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