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Jedi and Love


Esty – IttyBittyWoodShoppe

Most people feel that Anakin’s downfall was love. I disagree. There are actually a few reasons why Anakin fell, and it wasn’t love. Anakin fell because of the Jedi’s themselves and the idea of possession which is an all-consuming thing for the Sith.

Let’s look at the Jedi. The Jedi who fear any type of feeling couldn’t even detect the dark side (Palpatine) that was slowly consuming the galaxy. They also were clueless when it came to Qui-Gon Jinn’s predictions on a boy who would bring order to the Jedi. During this time the Jedi order was decaying. They had become too heavily involved in the government; they had become, not a separate order but a part of the governing body of the Republic.

Anakin was a different Jedi, a Jedi that the Order couldn’t understand. They wanted to make him something he could never be, one of them. They wanted him to be the cookie cutter version of every other Jedi. They kept saying how “special” he was but, they handled him like everyone else. How could they expect a ten-year old boy not to miss his mother? Imagine if you had to leave your mother, then you were told by some people you didn’t even know that you weren’t even allowed to miss her. Wouldn’t sit well with you, would it?

The problem for Anakin was not love itself but, possession. He wanted complete control of those he loved. Many Jedi have fallen in love but, they haven’t all succumb to the Dark Side. He wanted to control Padmee’s fate, that is what the Sith do, they seek control over everything, including death itself. That’s why the dark side was so tempting for Anakin. People fall in love all the time but, that doesn’t mean that they have a right to control the person they love; that is called stalking.

It is true that the Force is a very powerful thing; however, it would seem that the Jedi should have been training themselves to be able to use the Force yet, still be able to love. How in the world could the Jedi’s except everyone to simple “turn off” their feelings like it was a light switch? For me, this is why the Jedi Order has had so much trouble. They do not yet know how to handle their emotions. Instead of facing it, they simple try to hide it. Sure, the Sith go about it the wrong way too but, trying to pretend that love doesn’t exists will only lead to trouble.

It wasn’t just a simple case of Anakin fell in love and that was his destruction. Many factors came about to lead to his destruction and honestly, those put in charge of him also had their hands in it. It wasn’t wrong for Anakin to fall in love or to miss his mother. The Jedi simply did not know how to handle it and Anakin was a pretty mixed up person to begin with. Truth be told, there were a lot more reasons why Anakin fell, and love really wasn’t it.

Written By:  Kristy Trowbridge


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