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Indie Girl Fashion Picks

Have the winter blues? Try adding a few cute pieces to your wardrobe like a one of a kind sweater, bright-colored cardigan, or a fun piece of jewelry. Adding a splash of whimsy will help brighten up any cold winter morning.

Wrapped Fox Sweater in Sand


I couldn’t help falling in love with this adorable sweater!

Price:  $58.00

Store:  dandyrions

by Lisa Higuchi

70s Tangerine Cardigan / Long Cardigan ( xs – s )


Orange is the color and will brighten up any cold winter day.

Price:  $30.00

Store:  RosieGoesVroom

by Jacqueline Yates

Orange Sorbet Ring


This funky ring makes a statement with any outfit!

Price:  $21.00

Store:  CarousCuriosities

by zhu linhui


women’s Princess style cute bow Fitted Wool Coat jacket yellow dy02 S-XL


This is a gorgeous and adorable coat!

Price:  $49.99

Store:  colorstore2011

by zhu linhui

Favorite Fashion Pick Of The Week


Black and White Abstract Clutch

Price:  $41.00

Store:  dandyrions

by Lisa Higuchi


Written By:  Kristy Trowbridge


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