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MH900426632This coming Sunday, I turn thirty-three. I was told the other day that once you turn thirty-three your body starts showing signs of aging, such as popping knees, going to bed at 6pm, and body parts starting to head south. Scary! However, the only thing that I really fear about growing older is losing my sense of adventure.

At not quite 5 feet tall, I really don’t look like an adventurous type of person.  However, I’m not talking about sky diving (don’t even think about it!).  When I say adventurous, what I really mean is having a passion to discover new things, a desire to see the world a different way, and a lack of fear about meeting new people. Whatever age I am I still want to have a passion for adventure to motivate me.

Age is not something to be afraid of…I don’t want to spend my thirties worrying about the fact that I haven’t lived up to our society’s standards for what I should be doing in my thirties. My faith in God and the love of my family motivate me to have confidence in myself and not worry about what others say.

I’m hoping I don’t do anything stupid this year, but we can’t have everything. 😉  On a serious note, I hope I gain confidence in myself, have awesome adventures, discover new things, and meet fascinating people each year. Part of gaining wisdom is to explore and not to be afraid to try something new.

Written By:  Kristy Trowbridge


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