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Indie Girl Fashion Picks

While working on Indie Girl Fashion Picks I kept in mind work wear. What would I want to wear to work?

Eco friendly sophisticated emerald green blouse with cowl neckline and half-length sleeve in tencel jersey – Florence Top – ready to ship


Source/Photo Credit: © http://www.etsy.com/listing/73067584/eco-friendly-sophisticated-emerald-green

Price:  $74.00

Why I love this:  The color is gorgeous and bright. Not only is it made of natural materials (YEA!!) but I could wear this all year round.

Shop:  device

Owner:   Melanie

Basic Pencil Skirt-Gray


Source/Photo Credit: ©  http://www.etsy.com/listing/116921800/basic-pencil-skirt-gray

Price:  $79.50

Why I Love This:  It has that wonderful edgy modern vibe and the color is neutral, you could wear just about any top! Looks so comfy too.

Shop:  artaffect

Owner:  Jay Kim

Loose Shirt, Womens Draped Top, Long Sleeve Blouse T-shirt, CHOOSE SIZE

il_570xN.425599814_2pkbSource/Photo Credit: © http://www.etsy.com/listing/123097043/loose-shirt-womens-draped-top-long

Price:  $26.00

Why I Love This:  I love blouses that drap on your body, it creates an elegant look. I could see myself wearing jeans with this or dress pants for work.

Shop:  LOFT415

Owner: Hope E 

Cat Bag Canvas tote bag – cat tote bag Diaper bag Shopping bag Document bag Market Bag.


Source/Photo Credit: © http://www.etsy.com/listing/119031871/cat-bag-canvas-tote-bag-cat-tote-bag

Price:  $19.99

Why I Love This: Who says you can’t be a little funky at work? Besides, it’s a cat and cats are cute! Wouldn’t this make a great conversation piece? 🙂

Shop:  Tshirt99

Owner:  Tshirt

Fashion Pick Of The Week

Satin combined with lace woman blouse, short sleeves, black and dark blue


Source/Photo Credit: © http://www.etsy.com/listing/111320240/satin-combined-with-lace-woman-blouse

Price:  $59.00

Why I Love This: Sheer blouses are in and this one is adorable!

Shop:  YSari

Owner:  sari yehimovich

I located all these wonderful fashion picks over at Esty. Also, please check out each shop as I have only chosen one product from their inventory, they have more amazing items to purchase!


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