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MH900316844We’ve all been there.  We’ve all suffered through those days when nothing is going right.  You’ve ticked someone off at work, your crush suddenly has a girlfriend (or boyfriend), etc.  These types of days are sneaky.  They arrive around noon after you have had a nice lunch then wham! It always hits between “it’s too late for another coffee” and “it’s too early for a glass of wine.”

I had one of those crazy days this week and let me tell you it was frustrating. At first, I just sat in my office defeated and drained.  Then it dawned on me that what was happening to me would make one awesome story. I realized with glee that it is true, real life is stranger than fiction!

Think about it this way: that over sensitive coworker can become an oversensitive character in your story. The frustration in nothing going right can be channeled into your main character’s frustration in their fictional world. Even the strange office politics that happen can make a great plot for your story. For some reason, this idea helped turn my day around and the next day I was pounding the keyboard (which is like meditating for me) and all my cares just floated away.

All right, that last line was a bit cheesy, but you understand what I’m saying.  I simply took all those negative things and turned them into something useful for myself. This may not work all the time, but it did work for me that day.

Written B:  Kristy Trowbridge


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