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Indie Girl Travels – Dublin, Ireland


© Temple Bar, in Dublin, Ireland
22 March 2009 Trevah

Everyone should travel and everyone should at least visit one country outside of your own. Visiting another country be it Ireland (which I will be writing about today) or Africa opens up your eyes. Our eyes need to see old monuments, different customs, and new colors. Ireland was the first foreign country that I visited and will always remain special to me especially when St. Patrick’s Day rolls around.

Dublin the capital of Ireland is where I spent most of my time. Dublin’s streets were always filled with people so much so, that they spilled out onto the streets.  Dublin felt crowded but in a good way I felt the sense of openness from the people who lived there even though this was a huge city each pocket of that city had a group of people who knew everyone on their street and they all look after each other.

“I always remember things by the landscape, the colors, the structures and the natural monuments.”

Dublin’s mix of old architecture and modern monuments are the memories I have of the landscape of this ancient city. I always remember things by the landscape, the colors, the structures and the natural monuments. I remember the brown green waters of the Liffey that snaked its way under the old stone bridges. The memory of how my eye always caught a glimpse of that greedy Spire over glorifying itself in the middle of the city. I also still remember seeing, for the first time, structures over hundreds of years old still proudly standing and prepared to stand for another hundred years or more.


© Looking up O’Connell Street with the statue of Jim Larkin in view.
21 April 2009 Jaqian

During my time in Dublin I visited a lot of Pubs. Pubs are the best place to meet locals and observe their culture. Pubs have a different atmosphere than bars. Pubs were designed for local gatherings and for friends to get together,  bars are just for drinking in. my advice is to find a cozy stool in the corner and enjoy a pint of Guinness and listen to the local conversations. I saw so many people there from all walks of life and backgrounds. Of course, what Ireland is famous for is their traditional music and I couldn’t get enough of that!

What I learned while “soaking up” the culture in the pubs was how to get to know people. Dublin was a great place to learn since the people there are so open and friendly. It is tough to meet new people but, what I learned was you first have to put away any negativity and any comparisons you have between your country and theirs. There is always good and bad in any country but you’re not there to have a contest on whose country is better you are there to learn. If you are open and friendly you will find people will be open and friendly to you.

“When you visit Ireland, even just Dublin, you sense that presence of ancient history…”

Sometimes we have it stuck in our heads that Ireland is all about Celtic Knots, Leprechauns, green beer, and musical groups like “Celtic Women”. Ireland is more than that; Ireland is history, people, and their struggle to overcome years of oppression. When you visit Ireland, even just Dublin, you sense that presence of ancient history and you sense how deeply embedded the people are in their history. All the memories I have I will cherish of this place and all the lessons I brought back with me are a reminder that we learn from other cultures.

Written By:  Kristy Trowbridge


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