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I don’t know about you but around this time I start feeling a little antsy. I’m not an outdoorsy person but I do miss sitting on my porch reading and giving my pasty white legs a little sun. Winter is such a long season and where I live it tends to be a dry long winter.

Before spring arrives, I always have great intentions of growing a garden. Every spring, however, I end up only managing a tiny tomato garden and most of the time I forget to pull the weeds. It is fun, though, to plan what flowers I will plant, what vegetables I will grow, and how to keep the cats from pooping in the garden.

Since I am mostly an indoor person, spring is a great time for me to soak in a little healthy sunshine. The best thing is sitting outside with my laptop and doing a little writing. In reality though, I end up taking a nap. Either way it is a delightful way to end the day.

Spring is also great because I can wear my lime green flip flops and comfy tank tops. I get tired of having to bundle up all the time. Spring means more shaving but the fewer layers of clothing I have to wear the better!

Winter is great up until Christmas than I am ready for warm air and rain. I’m sure by the end of summer I’ll be griping about the heat but for now, bring on spring!


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