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Indie Girl Fashion Picks

I love shoes and especially flats! Since I spend most of my time in an office wearing flats is by far more comfortable. Did you know you can purchase shoes from Esty? Below are some cute handmade shoes that I just fell in love with!

Red Alert – Handmade Leather ballet flat shoes – CUSTOM FIT


Source/Photo Credit: © http://www.etsy.com/listing/98075671/red-alert-handmade-leather-ballet-flat?ref=pr_shop

Price:  $100.00

Why I love this: This is a mother/daughter(s) team that creates lovely handmade leather shoes. I suggest reading their biography on how their shop was created. These red flats provide a spark of color!

Shop:  TheDrifterLeather

Owner: TheDrifterLeather – Thessaloniki, Greece

Modern Romance – Handmade Leather flat shoes – CUSTOM FIT


Source/Photo Credit: ©


Price:  $95.00

Why I love this: A nice basic flat with an adorable rosetta on the front. Always a good idea to have a few pairs of brown shoes.

Shop:  TheDrifterLeather

Owner: TheDrifterLeather – Thessaloniki, Greece

Flowery: handmade dark green suede ballet flats decorated with a suede flower and strass.


Source/Photo Credit: © http://www.etsy.com/listing/85137300/flowery-handmade-dark-green-suede-ballet 

Price:  $65.00

Why I love this: Ballet shoes are so comfortable! These are a unique color combination of green and dark blue. I have a hard time finding green shoes that still look pretty but these are definitely the ones.

Shop:  themagiccastle

Owner: Magic Castle – Athens, Greece

Vietnamese Brocade Ballet Flats (10) (SPRING SPECIAL)


 Source/Photo Credit: © http://www.etsy.com/listing/112432632/vietnamese-brocade-ballet-flats-10

Price:  $30.00

Why I love this: I’m all about comfort and unique designs. I could easily wear these to the office or slip them on my way to Yoga class.

Shop: XnShop

Owner: Trang Nguyen – Seattle, WA

MaryJane cat shoes / Cute kawaii kitty flats / Adorable quirky black canvas


Source/Photo Credit: © http://www.etsy.com/listing/127288136/maryjane-cat-shoes-cute-kawaii-kitty

Price:  $30.69 USD

Why I love this: Wow! These have broken the cute scale. I can imagine myself wearing a basic dark blue tee, jeans, and these cute kitty flats just to add some fun!

Shop: PopandMoo

Owner: Kim – Northampton, England

I located all these wonderful fashion picks over at Esty. Also, please check out each shop as I have only chosen one product from their inventory, they have more amazing items to purchase!

Written By:  Kristy Trowbridge


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