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Taking Care of You

MH900227732Taking care of you is important and is more than simply going to the gym or avoiding sweets. Taking care of you is about making sure you have enough sleep, spend time with close friends and family, and read more than just People magazine. This is something that I struggle with, since it always seems that I over-schedule things, commit to projects I do not have time for, and do not go to bed when I should. Yoga has really opened my eyes to not only eating right but to taking care of myself in other ways.

I realize that it’s strange to have a bed time during the work week. Yes, I am an adult woman, but if I want to succeed and complete my tasks at work it’s important that I go to bed at a decent time. I cannot function on two hours of sleep. Sure, every once in awhile I can get away with it, but sleeping is when my recharges itself.  If I do not allow it time to recharge, I’ll be working on half a battery life. Take a good look at your work performance. Are you completing tasks? Are they done correctly? Are you drinking too much coffee trying to stay awake? If you find your work performance is not that great it’s time to realize you might need more sleep!

Sleep also helps us look our best. If you want that sparkle in your eye and that glow in your face, you’re going to have to go to bed at a decent time. We need at least eight hours of sleep and just taking a nap does not make up for lost sleep. Besides the fact, nap times should be no more than 15 minutes. I know that many of you are finding this amusing, but seriously what productive thing do you do at midnight that’s worth not sleeping? If the answer is playing video games or watching TV, that is not a justifiable reason.  Your health is more important than some silly game.

I’m going to group the next two things together since they are fairly similar. How we organize our time and how we spend it is important. This is difficult for me as I often find myself not completing tasks or wearing myself down to the point that I crash by 5PM. The curse of the weekend is that they move faster than the weekdays. Both cleaning and spending time with family are important, as is taking time to relax. I’ve spent a lot of time simply trying to figure out how to balance this in a matter of a few short days. What I’ve realized is that prioritizing is the key.

Easier said than done, I know, but spend some time Saturday morning listing things that need to be done and scheduling time with family. Though it’s tough for me, I’ve come to the conclusion that I cannot accomplish all that I plan to do so I must prioritize what needs to be done. I also try to spread my household chores throughout the week rather than trying to spend all day Saturday cleaning. A healthy person lives in a clean home and friends are more likely to visit if they don’t have to bring Clorox wipes with them.

Besides cleaning, it is important to take the time to hang out with friends and family. There have been times that I’ve had to force myself to say no to someone. I hate hurting someone’s feelings but I also have to make sure I take time for myself. Let’s face it, sometimes you just need to be alone. For me, my family and church should always come first.

Lastly, we take care of ourselves by expanding our knowledge.  If you spend all your time playing video games or watching TV, it’s time to pull out a book and read (Twilight does not count). Also, try to read something outside of what you normally read. Take the time to catch up on both local and national news. If you don’t enjoy reading, at least watch some documentaries or learn a new hobby. One of my supervisors loves trying new things and believes it’s important to learn a new hobby. She recently told me she is working on building a model of a town after she spent time learning to knit.  Try to learn a hobby that is outside of your comfort zone. People want to interact with someone that is knowledgeable and interesting. A well rounded and healthy person takes the time to learn something new and to keep up on what’s happening around them not what Kim Kardashian is wearing.

If you want to be a healthy and well rounded person make sure to eat right, exercise, take care of your body, organize your life, and activate your mind. I know that things come up and there are days where you lose sleep or just miss a weekend of cleaning. However, if you have a healthy lifestyle days, like those will be far and few in between.  Your body will be able to handle those unscheduled events better. For those who work full-time you might find your performance at work increasing. I know it’s difficult and I have messed up several times but I want to live a healthier lifestyle so I just have to keep at it!


3 thoughts on “Taking Care of You

  1. Totally agree, especially about the sleep part. It’s really important for me to sleep at least 8 hours or else I’ll be a zombie (plus I can’t drink coffee, so no caffeine kick for me!)

    • I could see if you were unable to have caffine how you would have to make sure to sleep. Truth be told, all of use shouldn’t drink a ton of caffine. I don’t know how people can stay up all night and go to work the next day. They say I’m just being an old lady but I don’t know sleep is nice! 🙂

      • Sleep is restorative! It’s so important and ya I don’t know how some people can stay up and party all night and then head into work the next day.

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