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Indie Girl Fashion Picks – My Wish List

In a recent post, I talked about spring cleaning your closet and creating a shopping list for clothing you may need. I have been working on my list and decided to share some fashion picks that I hope to add to my wardrobe.  Some items are what I lust for and some are what I need for my basic wardrobe.

What I noticed this spring is the use of lace. You can find lace on purses, dresses, and blouses. Also, what appears to be really trendy right now are bright bold colors like orange (YEA!!!), bright blues, and yellows.  Prada’s spring fashion show emphasized flowers in both brooches and in fabrics. I’ve spotted flowers “blooming” (sorry had to add the pun) on shorts, making them no longer simple khaki or denim material, but nice comfortable fabrics.

Without a doubt, I know I won’t be able to purchase everything on my list, but as I emphasized before, stock up on your basic items and then add the fun pieces.

  1. Nude T-Shirt Bra:  Okay, doesn’t sound very sexy but a nude bra will hide well under a white t-shirt and a t-shirt bra looks great under tighter form fitting shirts.
  2. Nude Heels:  Yes, I know I seem to be on a nude color kick. Nude heels are very “in” right now and they look great with floral dresses.
  3. Tote Bag: I have way, way too much junk I drag back and forth from work a great looking tote will help me look professional and stylish. Not to mention help me carry my all important different varieties of gum.
  4. Lace Dress:  They are adorable and I’m a sucker for dresses.
  5. White Shorts:  I’m not sure why, they just look cute.
  6. Tanks: I wear tanks under cardigans for work, to bed, to yoga class, and well just puttering in the garden. Basic colored tanks can be worn all year long.
  7. T-Shirts:  My closet lacks basic T’s I need them in all colors.
  8. Pearls:  I’m just on a kick right now.
  9. Black Heels: Always have at least one pair of black and one pair of brown heels.

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Written By:  Kristy Trowbridge


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