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Katie Cook: A Favorite Artist Among Geeks

Katie Cook.

Katie Cook.

This comic con season, many eager fans will be hitting their favorite comic book artists in the hopes of an autograph or drawing. One artist that I had the pleasure of meeting at my first comic con (Denver Comic Con) in 2012 was Katie Cook. I love her fun style, her drawings of cats, and the fact that she is not afraid to “geek out” once in awhile.

You can find Katie Cook’s artwork in various places including, Star Wars (YEA!), DC, Marvel, Lord of the Rings, The Jim Henson Company, and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She also has her own web comic  Gronk,  which can be located here:  http://www.gronkcomic.com/ Gronk is a very cute story about a little monster and her human friend. This little monster is trying to adjust to the human world, and her human friend, Dale, is trying to adjust to raising a monster.  I love the story and the artwork that accompanies this web comic.

Katie Cook is best known for her work in Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She not only wrote some of the comics, but also contributed the artwork. She also created many web postcards for StarWars.com and worked on the Star Wars Galaxy 4 Trading Card set. My personal favorite is her work on the Fraggle Rock comics. Fraggle Rock was a popular children’s show during my time and was one of my favorite programs.

The real reason I enjoy her artwork so much is that she often uses cats in her art work. I have one of her prints, which features a sleeping cat dreaming of being a Godzilla cat. My favorites are her Star Wars piece entitled, Cats in Star Wars Helmets, and her Dr. Who piece, Dr. Mew which features a cat with the famous Doctors multi colored scarf and his blue Tardis.

Her twitter and website show that she is often traveling to various conventions. She is known for spending a lot of time meeting fans and creating little drawings for them. At Denver Comic Con, her booth had one of the longest lines.

I love the fact that she creates fun geeky artwork, and you can tell through her work that she loves what she does. Her fun take on favorites such as, Star Wars, Avengers, and Dr. Who is why she is so

Gronk! Katie Cook's Webcomic Series

Gronk! Katie Cook’s Webcomic Series

popular among fans. Katie Cook’s use of bright colors is unique, since most artist choose dark colors to show case super heroes. You can tell she wants to add fun to her pieces.

Please check out her website for information on this great comic book artist, and you will find information on how to order some of her art work. Also, follow her on Twitter. She has a hilarious outlook on life. Don’t forget her web comic Gronk!

Written By: Kristy Trowbridge

Katie Cook’s Website:  http://katiecandraw.typepad.com/

Gronk:  http://www.gronkcomic.com/

Listed As One Of The Denver Comic Con Guest: http://www.denvercomiccon.com/

Twitter:  @katiecandraw


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