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My Trip To Breckenridge, Colorado

I can’t think of a better vacation then spending time in the mountains of Colorado. I have no need for fancy vacation getaways, intense activities, or even historical markers. Just give me some fresh mountain air and a place by the river to eat. For our summer vacation, my family and I went to Breckenridge, Colorado, a ski town high up in the Rockies. We didn’t do much, but we certainly didn’t want to leave.

Coming from the dusty prairies of Southern Colorado, the first thing we noticed once we reached the foothills where the trees, water, and “green stuff.” Just seeing all those trees made us want to become tree huggers, and that’s saying a lot when my Dad even agrees to hug a tree. It was so nice to see and hike under the beautiful aspens growing in and around the mountains.

We also noticed the water, water, water, everywhere. Heck, I bet most of the water was just for decoration. There were zig zagging streams, rushing rivers, and just pools of crystal blue water. Our favorite pastry shop, the La Francaise French Bakery, sat right next to a rushing stream that ran through the town of Breckenridge. We ate our freshly made Fruit Tarts and drank our cappuccinos under an umbrella and just listened to the water flowing by. This was the perfect way to spend a morning, just soaking in the moisture and watching the bird’s flutter in and out of the bushes.

La Francaise French Bakery is a little French pastry café that creates wonderful homemade pastries and desserts. They also had the best coffee,  which they topped with homemade whip cream. I’m actually glad that I don’t live close to that café, because I would end up being a very chunky person.  I would spend every day there!

We also spent some time shopping in the neat little shops which dotted the main street of town. Many of the shops were located inside very old buildings that had ornate detailing on the porches and old wooden doors. Breckenridge has a ton of old buildings which are wonderful to look at and photograph. I think we spent more time ogling at the houses then shopping.

There were many unique restaurants to choose from, including one called the Whales Tale that was featured on the After The Catch episode on the Discovery Channel. The captains of the Deadliest Catch ate there, and even carved their names on a table which visitors can view. The fish and atmosphere were both  excellent. I would say, the best place for homemade pizza was Fatty’s Pizzeria. We ordered the Mediterranean pizza with homemade garlic bread, which was the best!

For the most part, we just rested and took some time swimming and relaxing. However, my favorite part of the entire trip was our drive through the mountains. The views were wonderful and it just reminds you of God’s wonderful handiwork. I loved seeing the small mountain towns and just nature itself. I couldn’t help but to think maybe I am a Mountain Girl at heart.

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Written By: Kristy Trowbridge

Breckenridge, Colorado:  http://www.townofbreckenridge.com/

La Francaise French Bakery:  http://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g33327-d1234660-Reviews-La_Francaise_French_Bakery-Breckenridge_Colorado.html

Fatty’s Pizzeria:  http://fattyspizzeria.com/

Whale’s Tail:  http://www.whalestailbreckenridge.com/


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